Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Open Doors

God continues to open doors of possibilities.

As Kim and I get ready for our Ethiopia scouting trip (Oct 24 - Nov 04), the Lord has brought us to a number of people from whose experience and wisdom we have already benefited.

God continues to expand our network of Ethiopian connections as well. Divine appointments! Simply amazing!

We also lead at Adventure Church a community group that is focused on Ethiopia. Last Friday was our first meeting. What binds us together is, of course, Ethiopia. We shared our stories of how we have become interested in Ethiopia. Different stories but the leading of the same God! He is definitely doing something extraordinary in our midst.

Please pray for us. What we need more than anything else is the fervent prayers of His saints! We so desire to meet as many people as supernaturally possible while in Addis Ababa. More than anything else, we want to listen to their stories and know their hearts. God has given me a vision, that is, Restore the Hearts; Heal the Land. His Spirit will set the people free in their new identity in Christ, and such new men and women will bring life to their land.