Monday, December 5, 2011

Coffee! - Reflection III

I'm dreaming of a tall machiatohhhh! Yes, the coffee was amazing! Only 25 cents for a demitasse size and about a dollar for a tall. I tried to drink as much as I could, but alas, like the sunshine you only feel its effects when it's actually there. Kaldi's is their version of Starbucks-so if you're in Addis, and need the ambiance, head on over.

at Kaldi's

I noticed how there weren't any drive-through coffee places. But then, drinking coffee in Ethiopia is for relaxing with friends, not getting your daily dose of legal stimulant! Besides, driving requires both hands and full attention-your drink would be down your front.
My first taste of the famed machiatto was at Sami Grill. We ran into some friends of Tenaye and Solomon, and they were having coffee. I asked Solomon quietly what the friend was drinking and Solomon asked him if I could have a taste!! I was so embarrassed! Asking a stranger (at least to me) for a drink of his coffee! Our American friend and host told us later that it's common for friends to share freely. I ordered one of my own. :)