Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reflection IV

Three months have already passed since our trip to Addis. What stays in my mind, and what I see in my memory everyday are the beautiful faces. While sitting in traffic one day, just over the guard rail there was a shepherd boy sitting on a steep hill. His goats were grazing in the stubbly grass while he sat, staff in one hand, chin resting in the other. He was deep in thought, and I wondered what his dreams were. What opportunities would be open to him?
I see the smiles of the Great Commission staff that we met, and feel again their love and graciousness. I was humbled by their servant hearts.
Remembering the children makes me smile! Everywhere I went I would hear “Hello! Hello!” I always answered, and loved the responses I would get. (maybe I just like the attention J)
Another face haunts me. It was the earnest, desperate face of a legless man who was begging from cars at a busy intersection. His eyes were clear. He was strong. And he had no legs…a condition that had defined him. What would an education have given him?
How will lives be changed, and a country impacted if we begin to train up leaders and equip believers in Christ to reach children? How will lives be changed when people discover their role in the Big Story-the part Jesus created them to play? We can dream. We can join GCM Ethiopia as brothers and sisters in Christ with a common mission-and maybe future generations will look back and say “look how they changed the world!”