Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apostle University Training, Part 1

At the request of the Great Commission Ministry Ethiopia (GCME is Ethiopia Campus Crusade for Christ), Acts 8 Ministries facilitated the formation of partnership between Adventure Church's Youth Ministry and the GCME's Student-Led Movement (SLM).

Adventure Youth Ministry sent a 6-member team to Hawassa, Ethiopia on February 3-12, 2012 to offer its Apostle University training for 30 college students involved in SLM in the Southern Ethiopia region.

At the heart of the Apostle University training is the promise of Jesus that in Christ we may have life and have it abundantly. We acknowledge that there is far more than we have ever imagined possible to our conversational walk with God. We dare to believe in the lavishing goodness of the Father and to press into knowing Him more deeply and intensely.

If the training is successful, it is because those who participate in it are desperately desiring God and because they have encountered Him in a very personal way. In other words, Apostle University is not program-driven. It tries to create space where the Spirit may be free to move and where His people may be more willing to step outside of their normal sense of expectation and to wait eagerly upon the Lord.

Just as the lives of Moses and Paul were disrupted and forever changed by the encounter with the Lord, our lives will never be the same once we experience His manifest presence.

It was our prayer and desire that the Ethiopian college students would taste the beautiful and powerful presence of God at the training.