Monday, March 26, 2012


I give my life, my being and my all to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and furthering His global cause. I want a life of faith dedicated to the service of the Lord.

This is my commitment I made nearly 30 years ago.

Today, as I am given the charge to lead His mission, Acts 8 Ministries, I feel more strongly than ever to devote my all to Him and His global work through His church.

I believe that God is preparing His people, His body for new global waves of the mighty movement of the Holy Spirit. He will declare new things (Isaiah 42.9). Regardless of how old (or how young) you are, the station of your life and place of your residence, you are meant to play an irreplaceable part in His grand plan for this generation!

To participate in His master plan, first you must choose. There is no middle ground. Either you are in or you are out. Jesus makes this point clear in Matthew 10.37-39. You have to be willing to have your life turned upside down. You have to be willing to go anywhere and to do anything. He cares about the desires of your heart, for He is the author of them. But to enter His story, you also must be willing to let go of all your dreams, plans and aspiration. But perhaps the greatest challenge of all is that you will have to set aside your old self and its system (much of the way you are and do things, how you think and feel, if remaining unexamined, is likely still your old self) and become who you are reborn to be.

The world desperately needs such a man and a woman whose heart is fully given to God to witness to the goodness, holiness and beauty of the Lord.