Saturday, August 11, 2012

Four Bs of Discipleadership

At the heart of discipleadership, there are four Bs - To Be, Bless, Belong and Believe.

They are all active verbs (may not be so grammatically). In the context of discipleadership and spiritual life, they all imply movement.

Who we are in Christ is the core and starting point of discipleadership. Our identity is defined by our relationship with God and shaped by the local body of Christ in which we are placed. It is recreated in Christ, by Christ, and for Christ. The other three streams flow out of this one.

This is our mission. We are blessed so that we may be a blessing by witnessing to Jesus - His life, love, light and liberty. Keeping the Great Commandment (Matthew 22.37-40) and fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28.16-20) will bless the world in Jesus' name.

This is our community. As the body of Christ, we reflect the Triune God. We are not meant to walk with God alone and to face the spiritual warfare alone. We need the body, and the body needs each of us. We define fellowship as a community on a mission.

This is our system. In one sense, what we believe creates our worlds in which we live. Therefore, it is critical that we believe rightly and Biblically so that our system may align itself with the reality of the Kingdom. At the core of our belief is our faith in Jesus Christ.