Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Church

The Church is an unstoppable force of the good for the beautiful by the true. It never stops growing, multiplying, extending its reach and transforming every segment of society it touches.

The Church is the body of Christ whose head is Jesus the Risen King, whose life is the Holy Spirit, and whose allegiance is with the Father.

The Church is the ambassador for Christ, sent into the world with the Great Commission.

The Church is the image of Christ in the world, covenanted in the Great Commandment.

The Church represents the Kingdom of God whose culture is gratitude and generosity.

The Church is a fellowship of faith, bringing liberty to the oppressed and imprisoned.

The Church is a community of love, leaving behind the wake of life.

The Church is a beacon of hope, overcoming darkness with light.

The Church is a city set on a hill. Its work of grace and truth is displayed for His glory.

The Church is an oak of righteousness. It presence in the nation is undeniable.

The Church is the pillar of truth who is the steward of the Gospel, the power of God for salvation.

The Church is the bride of Christ given a beautiful headdress.

The Church is the gathering of the redeemed given the oil of gladness.

The Church is the assembly of worshipers given the garment of praise. Its creative expressions of worship send powerful shock waves that shift the foundations of all spiritual realms.

The Church is the family of new creations with true and pure hearts designed to see God, proclaiming the year of the LORD’s favor.

The Church is the chosen race, created in Jesus Christ for good works, destroying the works of the devil.

The Church is the royal priesthood, offering the sacrifices of praise to the One Triune God.

The Church is the holy nation, set apart for the ministry of reconciliation.

The Church is the people for God's own possession, proclaiming the excellencies of Him who called His people out of darkness into His marvelous light.

This is the Church.