About Us


The mission of Acts 8 Ministries is to bring help, healing, health and hope to the next generation.


Being created in the image of God, every man or woman possesses a God-given true and unique identity. Our guiding conviction is that those who are living out of their unique designs will desire noble goals and pursue their destinies for the greatest good.

We envision:
  • Help that fosters wisdom and understanding.
  • Healing that comes from love and restores beauty.
  • Health that is shalom, wholeness, resulting in generosity and creativity.
  • Hope that strengthens faith and courage.
This is the nature of God's salvation through Jesus His Son by the power of the Holy Spirit. His holy salvation of shalom, secured by the cross and resurrection of Jesus for all humanity, is the divine salvation not only from our sin and death but also for the love, life and light of Christ in freedom.


Acts 8 Ministries is a discipleader multiplication movement catalyst.
  • Discipleader We are committed to helping equip men and women for becoming fruitful leaders who are faithful followers of Jesus.
  • Multiplication We focus on training trainers, equipping leaders, building those who will build others.
  • Movement We strive to create a movement, partnering with others, within the Christian communities around the globe.
  • Catalyst We are a ministry that empowers and releases. When they start multiplying discipleaders without us, that is our goal and good success!



Acts 8 Ministries is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who share in the love for the Ethiopian people and who are walking on their own discipleadership journey.
  • Girma Desalegne, Director of Ethiopian Ministry
  • Jonathan Kobayashi, Co-Founder, Executive Director
  • Kim Kobayashi, Co-Founder
  • Bruce Riggs, Educational Adviser and Trainer
  • Teresa Riggs, Children's Resource Director


  1. Love. We love because Jesus first loved us. The love of Christ controls us.
  2. Generosity. The grace of God, once embraced with humility, makes us generous.
  3. Gratitude. Our hearts lavished with the love of God become grateful.
  4. Entrepreneurial Spirit. The life of faith is entrepreneurial.
  5. Beauty. God is the Master Artist. What He creates is beautiful.
  6. Courage. Hope in God's goodness gives us courage.
  7. Joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength.